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Customer service representative is the job that through a comprehensive service to establish and enhance the relationship of customer and company. Customer service representative job is popuar in MLM companies. Industry including manufacturing, finance, retail, restaurant, entertainment leisure industry, ect. A good customer service representative must good in performing office support duties. Just like addressing customer complaints, providing information to the public, preparing and maintaining records. Those are also useful for customer service consultant.

Customer service representative call tips!

*Answered the phone, with the position of the upright to make a clear call. Even if you can't see each other, don't forget smile.

*Picked up the receiver as soon as possible. The tips especially important for customer service call center jobs.

Customer service representative jobs skills and duties.

*business successful with client

*support sales team

*find new customers

*meet with customer requirements

Customer service representative job interview questions!

Those information is prepared for customer service interview. You need to find the best answer for your skills.

* What do you think is the good customer service mean?

* Do you believe 'Customer is the king'?

* What are the keys to good customer service in your opinion?

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